Friday, November 13, 2020

Difference between Algorithm Pseudocode and program in Hindi/Urdu

What is Algorithm?

An algorithm is the step-by-step procedure to solve the problem. 

When you on a computer to solve any problem, You follow some steps to solve that problem, You can write in a sequence using natural language all those steps which takes you towards the solution this is algorithm.

What is Pseudocode?
Pseudo means Not Genuine, Artificial.

It Looks like code to some extent, but it is not code in some specific programming language.

It is some type of Pre-Code which you can easily convert into any programming language.

In generally pseudocodes are easily understandable by programmers and they can convert these into the any programming language.

To some extant pseudocode are also understandable by nontechnical people.

What is Program?
Program is the exact code written in any programming language to solve any problem.

We can write a program directly if we know some programming language.

If you are following a proper sequence its number comes on the third.

First, we write Algorithm, then we convert that into the pseudocode and finally we convert that pseudocode into some program using some specific programming language.

Algorithm to measure the area of a rectangular

Get the width of the rectangular
Get the length of the rectangular
Multiply the width with length
Result of the multiplication will be the area of rectangular

Pseudocode to measure the area of a rectangular

   Read: Width & Length
   Area = Width x Length
   Print Area

Program to measure the area of a rectangular

    int Area = 0;
    int Width = 50;
    int Length = 60;
    Area = Width * Length;

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