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Software Project Management in Software Engineering

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What is a project?

•A project is a group of tasks that we perform to achieve the required result. Not only in the software domain project in every domain is a group of tasks.

•Every project no matter if it is in the field of software or some else have some starting and ending time linked with it.

•Every project need some resources, in the term of time, in term of manpower, finance and knowledge-bank.

•Collectively all these resources help us to complete a project.

What is Project Management

•Project management is a way to lead the team and use all the resources in a manage way to achieve the required results which we want at the end of the project.

•The focus of the project management is to achieve all of the project goals under the given constraints.

•Goals are the tasks which collectively makes a project and manpower is working on it.

•Constraints are given time frame, budget, requirements and all these things.

What is Software Project?

•A software project is complete procedure of software development from the requirement gathering to final stage of developing a software and maintain It.

•It is also important to keep the software project under the define constraints. 

•It is the duty of Software Project Management to keep this under constraints. Software Project management keep the software project under the all define constraints.

What is Software Project Management?

•Software Project management is a well-disciplined field and an art using which we plan, manage and supervise the software project.

•Software Project management is a complete procedure which helps in managing the software project in sense of time, budget and all other constraints.

•Software Project Management field mainly deal with three things

Project Manager

•Software Project management is a complete domain and the Project manager is the person responsible to keep the whole project under the domain according to the constraints.

•He is the person who keep the project on track and manage it. 

•Project manager is the driver of the software project management.

Responsibilities of Project Manager

•Project Planning
•Scope Management
•Project Estimation
    Software Size
    Cost estimation
•Resources Management
•Risk Management

•He is the fully responsible to keep the project on track.
1.He monitor the flow of team activities, Their planning and put them in a sequence and under the constraints of the project. 

2.Project Manager also make important changes if needed some where in between the project according to the situations and take some bold decisions.
Video Lecture on the Topic Software Project Management:

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