Tuesday, June 30, 2020

IPC- Inter Process Communication

Inter Process Communication - IPC in Operating System
•IPC – (Inter-Process Communication) is the capability which allow two process of the computer to communicate with each other.

•Where will be those process?
•Its not important for process to be in the same computer they can be in same computer or in different computer which are connected over the network.

•IPC allow one application to control other application, It also allow two applications to share data with each other.

•IPC is an important thing in the multiprogramming system, or we can say multiprogramming system depends on this system,

•Single process Operating system do not use IPC.

•Microsoft windows is a Multiprogramming operating system and it use the IPC. In windows IPC is known as Dynamic Data Exchange System.

•In an OS (Multiprogramming OS) many process may be running at the same time. In the context of IPC we can divide those processes into two main categories.

1.Independent Process
2.Cooperating Process

Independent Process 
•As name shows in the Multiprogramming OS environment these processes are work independently.
•They never ask any other process to share data and never share their own data to some other process.
•Although they are in the Multiprogramming OS but they never share data.

Cooperating Process
•Name is telling the whole store these are just opposite to the independent process and share the data with other cooperating process into the system.

•Different advantages of process cooperation:
1.Information Sharing
2.Computation Speed up

Computation Speed up
•Task get divided into multiple tasks, all task run parallel and achieve the required results.

•Divide a function into separate process and threads.

•If user is using the same data in different tasks conflict can be arise so this system try to avoid conflicts.

•There are further two memory models in this system.
•Shared Memory Model
•Message Passing System

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