Monday, April 13, 2020

Organizational Requirements in Software Engineering | Requirement Engineering

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Organizational Requirements in Requirements engineering

Organizational Requirements in Requirement Engineering 

Organizational requirements are also the requirements same like the domain requirments and inverse requiremtns we always talk about functional and non-functional requirments and forget these things which are most important and should be tackled in we manners.

Organizatioal Requirmaents are the the requirments which we directly get from the organization to implement on the software. 

First of all you should have knowledge about the domain requirments so you can better under stand it spare some time to read about domain requirments.

For Example: A Shop Owenr want you to develop the software which will deal with the sales and purchase operation of the shop. 
The Domain of the software is POS. The software will inherit the all features which a POS should have those are the domain Requirments actually but beside those may be you want to make some customization to those domain requirments, may be you want to have an option in the sale section of the software that if someone make the shopping of 10,000 or more than this He should get 20% discount on total bill. Because this is the rule of organization (shop) so this is not something comming from the domain this is something coming from the organizational rule so this will be oranizational Requirment.

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  1. please make a video on requirements engineering procedure

    1. tuotorials on requirment engineering available on the site