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Domain Requirements in Software Engineering | Requirements Engineering | Short Article

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Domain Requirments in Software Engineering | Requirement Engineering

Domain requirements in software engineering examples

What is domain requirement?

These requirements come from the domain in which a system fall.

What is Domain?
Domain is simply the area where your software belongs to.
Let's take example of a “Bike” domain:
If any vehicle belongs to the domain of the bike it will definatley inherit few requirments from the bike domain i.e. That vehilce should have two tires. If a vehicle have four tire you can't say it is a bike because it do not full fill the reqirments or say core requirments of the bike domain.

Let suppose you are making a site to sale products online the domain of that website will be  e-commerce.

You are making a software for shop domain of that software will be POS(Point of sale).

That means your site gona inherit the requirments from the e-commerce domain what are those requirments which your site will inherit?
There could be many requirments but let me take simple and basic one i.e. your site should have a shopping cart and payment options settings as your site fall under the e-commerce domain so these are the core requirements of the e-commerce domain.

In the 2nd example we are using the POS domain to clear the concepts, now if you are making a software for the shop, store or a mart the domain of that software will be POS so you have to inherit and keep the POS domain requirments in the software, those requirments are your POS should have option to maintain the sales and purchases, can you have a shop software without this option? No, you can't have that is because this is the core functionality of the software working for a shop and its is the Domain Requirments of that software too. 

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