Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Design and implementations constraints in software engineering | Requirment engineering

Design and Implementation constraints with example

These are also a type of requirments but a little bit confusing to understand some time because it is not like Inverse Requirements, Domain requirements or Organizational requirment it is something which come out of other requirments and you identify it using the paremetr you will have in a couple of minutes to identify if it is design and implementaion constraint or not.

The Parameter to identify design and implementation constraints:
The parameter is simple and you can take it as the defination of Design and Implementation constraints as well. i.e. The requirment which put some kind of restriction on your development process weather it is coming from the Domain or Organizational requirment you can identify it as this is the Design and implementation constraints.

Lets go towards the Example
You are making a website for any organization, Now you are a complete software development company and you have lots of options to develop a website you may chose php, Asp.NET, Python or any other language.

But the company impose a constraints on you that you must make a website using Php because they have lots of other tools and website working on the same platform so it will be easy for them to integrate it with other.

These are the design constraints; You may get these from any kind of requirements e.g. Domain Requirements or may be Inverse requirements etc.

Video Lecture on the Topic : design and implementation constraints

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