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Best way to learn python in 4 weeks | 4 weeks with 4 goals

Learn Python in 4 weeks

Learning is a never ending process but this article is going to tell you how you can learn python from scratch upto the level where you can develop a basic application in python. After that you keep doing project and modules in programming and it keep polishing your skills. This rule applies to every programming language.

4 weeks and 4 goals:

So the track is based on 4 weeks which I am gona tell you, After that I hope you will be at the level we discussed at the start of the article so lets start.

1st Week Goal (Python Basic): Don't try to jump into complex things, no matter how much grip you have in any other platform. Just start from the basics try to get the knowledge about varriables, loops, if-else structures simple input, output taking process. To do this jump into the sea of internet find some good websites, blogs or YouTube channels and bookmark all of them into your browsr. Check which one is easy to understand for you and start following it to achieve the goal number 1.
I think Programiz and W3School are the two best websites you may find better then these according to your understanding level.

2nd Week Goal (Skill Groming): By now you should have knowledge about how the varriables in python work, How if-else stucture loops and all these basic things work. Now in week 2 to accompolish goal number 2 you don't have to learn something new just polish your skills in it. Try some basic programs with if-else structure. Try some basic loop based programs play with variables check how the string work in python how integers works try different things for whole week and don't try to learn any new thing you have to just work with the things you learned in the week 1.

3rd Week Goal(Libraries Exploring): Pythons is heavily based on libraries you have lots of libraries which stop you from reinventing the tire to accompolish any task.
Learn how to install and use libraries, Learn how to read the documentation of a library. Search the list of Python famous libraries and try to implement in different scenarios write different codes and use atleast 4 to 6 libraries to sort out the problems.

4th Week Goal(Projects): You have basic python knowledge, You know how libraries works in the python you have had groomed your skills already in writing code at week two those skills get polished once again in week 3 now think a project and use all that knowledge you have till know and do that project using basics and libraries as well. 
I would recommend you to chose small project and do 2 to 3 projects in a week. 

Once you have grip in writing the code in python learn how OOP works for python and move towards any framework according to your needs.

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