Sunday, March 29, 2020

C# Course - Basic to Advance

About the course

The course is design for those who want to learn C# from basic to professional level and it will give you a track to make your career on .NET platform. In this course we will learn C# with Visual studio cover and practice all the basics and move towards the advance concepts where we also cover the basics of MS SQL Server and build a C# based Desktop application.

Course Outline:

The course will cover the following modules to take your from the basic to advance level.

Module 1: Introduction to C# programming language and .NET Platform.

Module 2: Cover all the fundamentals of the C# Programming

Module 3: Art of Debugging, Error Handling and Exception Handling

Module 4: Learning and Implementing the OOP concept in C#

Module 5: Working with GUI and tips to make Advance GUI using different frameworks

Module 6: Working with relational database using MS SQL Server

Module 7: At the end we will utilize everthing we learned and develop a real working C# Desktop application. 

About Instructor:

I am Hammad Maqbool, Software Engineer with 3 years+ experiance of working in C#.NET, ASP, MS SQL Server, HTML, CSS and wordpress. also teaching the concept of Software Engineering at my channel Software Engineering and students are loving it. We can conduct online classes on Skype and can use google class room for sharing our assignments and solutios. We will create a whatsapp group(If students are intrested) to stay connected.

How to contact me(For more Details):

You can use of the following way to contact me:
Mob: +92-341-9482062 (Please Whatsapp)
Facebook Messenger: Click Here to Message



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