Friday, February 28, 2020

UML - Activity Diagrams , What is activity diagram | Software Engineering


Activity Diagram in UML - URDU /Hindi

This is the most commonly in use diagram of software engineering by UML used to represent the flow of activites in a specific manners and making of decission in the flow.
initial stat, activity, fork, merge diamond and final state are the mose common things in the activity diagram of UML.

This is the UML activity diagram tutorial in hindi and udrdu. Watch the video lecture of 20min and learn it. 

Example of activity diagram

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UML activity diagram symbols

UML activity diagram symbols or say Activity diagram notations are the things which make the difference between and activity diagram in software engineering and simple workflow diagram in business.
UML make a standard set of notations for the every diagram in software dsign, same for the activity diagram.
We have symbols to represent every thing in diagrm explained in very detail the above five video tutorial of the activity diagram.
The diagram shown in the picture above is also explained in the video.

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