Thursday, February 06, 2020

Interrupt in Operating system | interrupt handler | interrupt vector in Operating System

Concept of interrupts, interrupt Handler and Interrupt vector in OS | With Examples

The concept of Interrupts, Interrupt handler and interrupt vector is not difficult but our mind always understand better when things relate to something what is happening in our daily life. These concepts are about the things which happens some where in the background of Operating system we hardly found them relate-able to some real life example. I try to relate them with the things that happens in front of your eyes. This video will clear your concepts about ✔What is Interrupt? ✔What is Interrupt Vector? ✔What is Interrupt handler?

What is interrupt?

Interrupt means stop the activity, In OS interrupt means the same it is some kind of signal which stop the activity which is currently happening to perform some other important task.

What is interrupt handler?

Interrupt handler means when you handle the interrupt in it usually when the interrupt occurs control jump toward the interrupt handler and perform the required task. In the response of interrupt the handle contains the block of code to execute.

What is interrupt vector?

Vector is a kind of direction remember the high school physics where we used to study two types of quantities Scalar and Vector?
Scalar was the quantity without direction and the Vector was with direction the same thing is here.
Interrupt vector is the direction of the interrupt, it tells where is the block of code which is required to execute to handle the interrupt. 

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