Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Smoke Testing Vs Sanity Testing Difference with Example

Smoke Testing VS Sanity Testing With Example 

A lot of Sites writing articles which are making students of Software Engineering confuse between Smoke Testing and Sanity Testing by stating that these are two things which we can use interchangeably. Trust me you cant if these are two same things than why Different names? 

Don't get into trap, learn the difference so it may help you in the practical market as a Software Engineer.

Software Testing is something on which the Quality of the software depends a lot. If we are not clear about even the types of testing than I am really worried about the quality. 

Smoke testing is general abstract level of testing, If you develop a software with 10 features after completing the development you may test those 10 features on abstract level if they are working fine or not read my word carefully you may test those features on abstract level, means you are checking all features on abstract and not performing in depth testing of any feature so it is smoke testing.
Now when you were performing the smoke testing on that time you found some kind of problem in any feature or say in any module of the software you report that to the developer of the software. 
Now the developer will made some changes to the code to fix that issue and report you back that the Issue has been resolved. You will check that just for your personal satisfaction, That checking is actually sanity testing.

Look there is a huge like huge difference, Don't mix these two things with each other.

I usually take help of daily life examples to clear the concepts fast.
Let me give you one example, You take your new born to the doctor, although He looks fine to you but still you care a lot for him you took him to the doctor for general check up, The doctor will stick to his throat or any other body part by saying I wana make in depth checkup of throat. He will made the general checkup of all his body parts from head to foot, He will make it sure that all the body parts of the new born are fine.

Now what happens when He was making a general checkup He suddenly notice something wrong in the eye of the new Born He recommend you some treatment and carry on the further general checkup of the body.

You will come back to home follow the treatment prescribed by the doctor and visit the doctor again on the completion of prescribed treatment. 
This is your 2nd visit to doctor now. The doctor will direct approach to the eye of the baby and check the if it is fine now after the treatment, now He is not checking all the body parts He is specifically checking the eye to check if it is fine after the treatment or not this is Sanity Testing.

All the things doctor did in the 1st visit fall under the category of Smoke Testing and what He did in the 2nd visit fall under the category of Sanity testing.

Now this is the Example which will help you always to keep remember the concept of testing all the time.

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