Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Joint application development JAD Software Engineering SDLC

Just to take you out of confusion let me tell you it is just a SDLC (Software development life cycle model) like other SDLC models JAD also have its own set of steps by following those steps JAD try to develop a software for you.

Lets go towards the proper definition of the software. 
Its a software development approach which engage the client in designing and development of the software.
OK, Now I will focus on the definition and try to clear it to you, the first part is something which I already told you before the definition, i.e. "Its a software development approach". The 2nd part is telling you about the engagement of the client in the development, According to JAD when you are developing a software for your client keep him with your development team let him become a part of the team when you are designing and developing so this way He will guide you at every step He will tell you what He want and what he want  you to ignore.

Note: Its not Important that exactly the client will off his office to join you, Any representative of the client can join your team on behalf of that client.

Following are the things you do in JAD

1.Objective Defining: The facilitator and stakeholder set all the objective in a list these lists are for the use of all team members e.g. developers etc.

What are objectives? 
Objectives are scope of the project, Outcomes of the project and the technical specification of the project.

2.Preparation of Session: Facilitator is the person who prepare the session. In the preparation, facilitator collect the data send to all the members of JAD before time of meeting so they can better understand the things. 

3.Conducting the Session: facilitator is the participant now. He will point out the issues, The issues which are needed to resolve to make the system error free. 

4. Documentation: At the end all the records and documents are put into the meeting and the all participant approve it.

Benefits of JAD:

1.Cost reduction
2.Better understanding
3.Improved quality
4.Less delivery time

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