Tuesday, November 05, 2019

verification and validation in software testing

We assure you we will clear your concept of verification and validation in Software engineering in this 8 minutes videos. Software verification and validation in software testing is a an important part of the software engineering but due to some confusing way of teaching students remain unable to understand it. In this video we try our best to deliver you properly the concept of Verification and Validation in your own language Urdu and Hindi watch the whole video like the video if you understand it, comments your reviews about the video and subscribe the channel to get more informative videos like this. The video will provide the answers of Following Questions: 1) What is verification in software engineering? 2) What is validation in software Engineering? 3) What is the difference between verification and validation? 4) Which one is better verification or validation in software engineering? 5) Who perform software validation and verification? 6) what activities are involved in Software verification and validation?

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