Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Types of testing in Software Engineering

📢 This is the video contain brief introduction about most common testing types. ✅Brief: This video will clear your concept about the most common testing types available in the field of software testing and people do not know about them this is a video which will clear your general concept about the field of software testing so you can have grip in any type of software testing when required. 🚩 Lots of books are describing this topic in very good manners but sometimes you need a person to tell you how things work so it will solve this problem and video will help you in understanding. 📋This video will clear you concept on the following things: 👇 ✔️ What is software testing? ✔️What is Black box testing? ✔️What is white box testing? ✔️What is the difference between manual and automated testing are these two types of testing? ✔️ What is integration testing? ✔️What is unit testing? ✔️What is System testing? ✔️What is Beta testing? ✔️What is acceptance testing? ✔️What is regression testing? I am sure listening to these video lectures will help you a lot in clearing this topic.

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