Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Risk and Its types in Software Projects | Software Engineering

This video topic discussion is providing answer to these all questions on randome stages. What are risks in Software Projects? How to over come the Risks? Risks in Software Engineering? Risks and Its types in Software Engineering? What it unexpected expansion of Project? What is the Schedule Risk? What is Technical Risk? What is Budget Risk? What thing you should keep in mind when selecting your final year project? What is the Cost overrun problem in budget risks? Explanation of some basic things discussed in the videos. Risks: Some kind of uncertainty linked with feature events of the project may or may not occur •Schedule Risk : This is the risk associated with the time schedules. •It directly affect the economy & reputation of company. •Budget Risk: The risk of budget schedule slip. •Technical risks: These kind of risks are relevant to function of the systems and performance of the system as name tells these are technical risks. •Programmatic Risks: These are external risks, these risks affect the software projects externally.

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