Tuesday, November 05, 2019

RAD Model in Software Engineering

✅Brief: This video will clear your concept about what is RAD – Rapid Application development model in software engineering people think it is a very confusing and you know what is the reason? Because the name of the phases of RAD are different at the different places don’t worry about that the meaning behind the names as same and I tried to use the simple terminology to make your concepts clear in this video. Watch this video learn RAD and use RAD. 🚩 Lots of books are describing this topic in very good manners but sometimes you need a person to tell you how things work so it will solve this problem and video will help you in understanding. 📋This video will clear you concept on the following things: 👇 ✔️ What is RAD – Rapid Application development Model? ✔️How it works? ✔️What are the advantages of using this model? ✔️What are the Disadvantages of this model? I am sure listening to these video lectures will help you a lot in clearing this topic.

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