Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Just Color Picker | Free Tool

I am poor designer I don't like playing with color, So when ever I feel i need a full plate of colors to make a software interface or web interface I google the color set, Open my Just color picker and  copy all the color shades into my color picker, It generate colors codes for me I use them easily to make  complete interface this portable free of cost tool is just love.

I always recommend it to my students to use it for designing the interface with good color combinations.

This is the only thing for which I am using it, but there are number of different tasks for which we can use this software depends on the need.

How to use it?
Well this is the tool to make your working easy so how it can be difficult to use it?
Look at the interface
Its just a simple tool all you need is to keep remember couple of short cut keys, well you can learn its usage from its official web site click here to open its user manual.

To download please follow the link bellow

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