Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Icons Library | Icons Collection for developers | Free Graphics

When ever any developer/Programmer start developing any web application, Desktop application or any kind of application.

Png. images and ico format images are the most important thing to put on your buttons to show graphically the meaning of different buttons and if I am not wrong every developer spend hours to search set of icons on the internet for the application and its a tedious task to stop programming and start searching random relevant images over the internet and specifically in the png. format. 
So to save your time I am sharing here the huge collection of .png and .ico files which you can use for software and web application development and can save your precious time. 

You need to perform a little bit tweak on the file you download from the link given below.
look here step by step

  1. Download the File
  2. Extract the file 
  3. you will get a file after the extraction with the extension .tar_2 may be your computer will not recognize it. 
  4. change the extension of the file to .tar again it will be readable by your computer with winrar tool just extract it again and you will get all the folders of icon and png images save them and use them 

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