Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Functional Testing VS Non-Functional Testing

📢 This is the video explaining the general concept of the Functional and Non-Functional testing in Software engineering. ✅Brief: This is the on-demand video, lots of different students ask me to cover the topic of Functional and Non-Functional testing. Although I am uploading It late but here it is. It’s a very simple topic I didn’t try to show it difficult first and then try to show I am the one who make it easy to understand its not like that its just simple topic. Just show some patience watch the video and the topic will be clear to you. 🚩 Lots of books are describing this topic in very good manners but sometimes you need a person to tell you how things work so it will solve this problem and video will help you in understanding. 📢Few things about which we talk in the lecture briefly because we have details videos on those topics. Link of those things are given below. ✔️Black box and White Box Testing: link: https://youtu.be/96JZf4gwnBk ✔️Functional and Non-Functional Requirements https://youtu.be/02AouF6wXz4 ✔️Regression Testing link: https://youtu.be/maPrFVfLOFQ 📋This video will clear you concept on the following things: 👇 ✔️ What is Testing? ✔️What are Functional requirements? ✔️What is non-Functional Requirements ✔️What is Functional testing? ✔️What is non-functional testing? ✔️Different types of functional testing ✔️Different types of non-functional testing. I am sure listening to these video lectures will help you a lot in clearing this topic.

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