Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Code review best practice | Software Engineering

✅Brief: This video will clear your concepts about what is the Software Code review in the field of Software Engineering more specifically in the field of software testing. Software Code review is the most important thing. Code review, Inspection improve the code which directly affect the quality of the software. 📋This video will clear you concept on the following things: 👇 ✔️ What is Code Review in Software Engineering? ✔️What is Formal code review? ✔️What is Lightweight code review? ✔️What are the Sub types of Code Review? ✔️What is Instant Code Review? ✔️What is Synchronous code review? ✔️Asynchronous Code review? ✔️What is once in a while Code review? ✔️What are the benefits of the code review? ✔️Important things to keep in mind when reviewing the code.

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