Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Agile Methodology in Software Engineering

πŸ“’ This video is explaining the most demanding concept of software engineering i.e. Agile and its methodologies. People usually remain confuse regarding Agile and its methodologies this video clear the structure about the agile framework. ✅Brief: Agile is the most demanding topic of the software engineering and it is the method which software companies use the most in the practical environment, but mostly students remain confuse about this topic, they think agile it self is the approach to make software, but its not like that agile itself is not an approach agile is a bag which contains the collection of different approaches. This video is putting the spotlight this topic and trying to make the concepts regarding agile clear. 🚩 Lots of books are describing this topic in very good manners but sometimes you need a person to tell you how things work so it will solve this problem and video will help you in understanding. πŸ“’Few things about which we talk in the lecture briefly because we have details videos on those topics. Following videos are also related to agile: ✔Agile VS Scrum: https://youtu.be/lKvs7eRXkK4 ✔Detail Video on Extreme Programming (XP): https://youtu.be/Y8DEbQscIdk πŸ“‹This video will clear you concept on the following things: πŸ‘‡ ✔️ What is Agile ✔️What are agile methodologies? ✔️ What is Scrum methodology? ✔️What is XP methodology? ✔️What is Kanban methodology? ✔️What is Crystal Methodology? ✔️What is Lean methodology? And few others as well… I am sure listening to these video lectures will help you a lot in clearing this topic.

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