Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The art of debugging

Debugging In Software Engineering

Debugging is something what we do in the result of testing, Test tell us that there is error in the software or program and the debugging takes the next task it find out the error and make it correct. 

Now finding the error and making it correct is an art that is why we consider debugging as an art. It is not something that you will learn and start doing, It takes  time, a person with  good experience and creative mind can be a good debugger as compare to a person with only experience. 

Although it is an art and its success is to find out the problem and correct it simply, but still there some approaches, approaches those are in use and good at finding bug and removing it.

lets have a view to the approaches of debugging, 

  1. Brute Force approach: This approach of debugging is not as good as others are but still it remain in use, in this approach and we just check the log of software and try to find out the error.
  2. Back Tracking:  This is one of the best approach, in this we just back track the code to find out the error but it is good when the program code is small. Back tracking is not an easy task when it comes to the large software and the back tracking fails at it.
  3. Cause elimination:  In this approach of debugging, we first create hypothesis about what can be the base of the problem, or from where the problem is coming and then we start our work to make that hypothesis correct. During this some time it is needed to add some line of codes and some time it is needed to remove some lines of codes to fix the bug this is why this approach is known as cause elimination approach. 
This was the basic introduction to the topic still if you feel curious to know more about it and you can understand urdu or hindi so you are on the right place watch the given video below my detail lecture on the topic.

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